Meet Sonic Shakers

Meet Sonic Shakers

Sonic Shakers puts on a rock and roll show with plenty of energy – expect a dynamic night of music. Throughout each set the music, and feel of the show will ebb and flow. Every show is something different, and the Sonic Shakers are right at home whether the venue is a Las Vegas dive bar, a gaming establishment, corporate or private event.

As long as you are looking for a fun time, there is something for everyone. Songs range from heavy rock (Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin) to classic bar hits (Lynard Skynard, Garth Brooks, Steve Miller Band) with a right turn somewhere in the 90’s (Hootie & The Blowfish, Blind Melon, Toadies). When the horns are out things get even more interesting with everything from The Blues Brothers and Stevie Wonder to Faith No More and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Each show is all about forgetting your stressful life and having a fun and memorable experience in the moment. Each performance is dynamic, with song selections and performances tailored to meet the audience where they are, and then take them where the party is going.

More About the Band

Sonic Shakers features great vocals with multi-part harmonies, high energy yet dynamic electric rock guitar, powerful horns, and a fun show with something for everyone. We perform as both a four-piece band and larger with our full horns section.

The band can provide a complete show for any venue, party or corporate event, including professional sound, lighting & generator power when required.

We provide booking information and more on our full website. Available for local shows in Las Vegas and traveling shows in neighboring states. Contact Sonic Shakers today to turn your event into a real party!

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